An evacuation for part of Mount Vernon has been lifted

(MOUNT VERNON)— The evacuation of businesses and residents along Freeway Drive has been lifted,according to a news release from the City of Mount Vernon. Those within city limits may return to their businesses and Stewart Road RV Park. Dike District 17 has completed its assessment and confirmed that the riverbend dike is secure.

The City of Mount Vernon continues to take every potential threat to human life, safety, and property seriously. Earlier this morning the City was advised of a bulge in the dike along Riverbend Road. The City subsequently cleared the area while the dike was being assessed to eliminate any threat to the safety of those in the area.

Dike District 17 has thoroughly assessed the dike and reports that there is no damage to the integrity of the dike. The Dike District reports that their remaining concern is for the damage to Riverbend Road, not the diking system.

The City advises all to monitor emergency information through the City website, social media, and Skagit County Department of Emergency Management.