Mount Vernon Police looked into a threat at MVHS

(MOUNT VERNON)- According to news release from Mount Vernon Police Lieutenant Chris Cammock, on Tuesday, Mount Vernon High School Students overheard a conversation amongst other students where a word was mentioned and they were uncertain the context of how it was intended. The circumstance was then reported to school administrators.

The Mount Vernon School District has worked hard cultivating a culture of communication between students and staff so they acted on the student’s observations using a safety assessment process.

The first step involved school administrators finding the source of the information and investigating. Initial review found no merit that risk to the school or students was intended. The second phase involves a multi-disciplinary team comprised of school administrators, counselors, and police reviewing the incident, meeting with the involved student(s) and making a professional assessment before a student returns to the school environment.

Mount Vernon Police Department has a full-time Police Officer assigned to the high school campus. He is a part of the multi-disciplinary team and has been involved in this incident throughout. Following multiple calls from parents concerned for the safety of their children, additional uniformed officers were present around the campus Wednesday morning to provide an additional safety and security presence.

Mount Vernon School District has been working closely with the police department and are taking all measures reasonable to ensure the safety of our students and community.

This incident remains a school district issue between students, parents and administrative staff.