Studded tire removal deadline is March 31

(OLYMPIA)- With a record-setting winter finally in the history books, the arrival of spring means drivers in Washington have until Sunday, March 31, to remove studded tires. The Washington State Department of Transportation reminds drivers that state law requires all studded tires to be removed by the end of the day March 31. Starting at midnight on Monday, April 1, drivers with studded tires face a $136 fine. Studded tires also damage pavement, so removing them promptly after winter has passed helps preserve state roadways. Tire removal services can get crowded near the removal deadline, so please plan accordingly. WSDOT will not extend     (read more)

Alcohol use remains at an all-time low while vaping use increases among Skagit County youth

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- While alcohol use among teens remains at an all-time low, and the percentage of teens reporting cigarette smoking is less than half of what it was a decade ago, use of e-cigarette/vapor products has gone up significantly among Skagit County youth, according to the results of the latest Washington Healthy Youth Survey. Use of vapor products (battery-operated devices that produce an aerosol by heating a liquid) in the past 30 days among Skagit County 10th graders increased from 11 percent in 2016 to 18 percent in 2018. Among 12th graders, use increased from 18 percent in 2016 to 29 percent in 2018. Aerosols from nicotine-containing     (read more)

Aircraft carrier-based flight training operations are scheduled for NAS Whidbey Island next week

(NAS WHIBEY ISLAND)- There are aircraft carrier-based flight training operations scheduled to occur at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Ault Field and the Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in Coupeville the week of March 25-31. People living in local communities should remain aware that the aforementioned operations are not the only operations out of NAS Whidbey Island, particularly at Ault Field, which is a 24-hour-a-day operational facility. There are many other training evolutions that people may hear. However, the aircraft carrier flight training operations are types of operations that involve lower altitude flight training in close vicinity to the airfield.     (read more)

Share feedback on draft Stormwater Management Program Plan

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- The Skagit River Salmon Festival might just seem like a fun event in Skagit County, but the outreach that county staff do there is actually part of the Stormwater Management Program Plan (SWMP). The draft 2019 Skagit County SWMP is now available online for the public to review and provide feedback. Skagit County is allowed to discharge stormwater runoff (like rain running off our roads) into the State’s water bodies (like streams, rivers, lakes, etc.) under the Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit. One of the annual requirements of that permit is to create and make     (read more)

Board of Health considering Smoking and Vaping in Public Places Ordinance

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- Smoking and vaping is a community health concern. The quality of individual citizen’s health, access to clean air, and benefit to public health and safety are a priority of the Public Health Department. It is the goal of this ordinance to reduce access and exposure to smoking and vaping for children and youth, as well as promote a healthier environment for all residents. An ordinance presented March 12th, 2019 to the Skagit County Board of Health seeks public comment on the proposal. A public hearing is set for 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 9, 2019. The entire proposed ordinance can     (read more)

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