NAS Whidbey Island Restoration Advisory Board Reminder

(OAK HARBOR)- The next NAS Whidbey Island Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting will be held August 14, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Bakerview Restaurant/Chief’s Club, located at 1080 W Ault Field Rd #138, Oak Harbor. Interested community members are invited to attend the meeting.

Several topics will be discussed; including, the State Petroleum Cleanup Program, Military Munitions Response Program, and the CERCLA Program (including work at the Area 6 landfill and drinking water PFAS investigation).

The RAB is a key element of the NAS Whidbey Island environmental program. As an advisory board the RAB is designated to act as a forum for open discussion and exchange of information regarding environmental cleanup and restoration projects at NAS Whidbey Island between the Navy, representatives of government agencies, and local community members.